AAA Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Review

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AAA roadside assistance for automobiles may be one of the most well-known in the country and offers a lot of perks. AAA, however, also does offer a number of other things. These include travel savings programs, automobile insurance, classic car insurance, and mechanical breakdown insurance coverage, among other things. Many people are not aware of what mechanical breakdown insurance coverage is; it has many similarities to extended warranties, but also tends to cost less. In addition to costing less, there is often more flexibility and more things that are covered with MBI coverage. Read on to find out more about AAA insurance coverage and what it offers. Also, be aware that AAA has made RCarParts list of top five mechanical breakdown insurance providers.

Pros and Cons

There are a number of differences between mechanical breakdown insurance and extended warranty coverage. With a Vehicle Protection Plan from AAA, you can save money on the high cost of mechanical failures that can happen to your car. Your vehicle is a considerable investment, and even if it is in good condition, it can still end up with costly issues. While many vehicles to come with a factory warranty, the warranty only lasts so long. It seems that as soon as your factory warranty ends you can start to feel the costs of the various repairs your vehicle needs.

AAA offers a vehicle protection plan, which provides excellent coverage to protect against unexpected repair costs. Make sure you are purchasing the mechanical breakdown insurance option, rather than the extended warranty. AAA offers a variety of different coverage levels and plans, which are designed to meet a wide range of budgets and automobile coverage needs. You will need a membership to AAA in order to get this coverage.

Coverage From Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

When you need to get covered mechanical repairs on your vehicle, AAA pays the repair shops directly. There is no inspection required for enrollment, and plans are transferable to other parties if you end up selling your vehicle before your policy ends. While a deductible may be needed, after the deductible is paid AAA Vehicle Protection Plans cover 100% of labor, parts, and diagnostics when your claim is approved. The service also offers rental reimbursement, and you can pay no deductible if you utilize an auto repair shop that is owned by AAA. Even if you choose to use another approved facility that is not owned by AAA, your deductible is only $50. This is a fantastic deal!

Let your insurance company pay for repair parts
Protect yourself and your family with a top rated car repair insurance program
that keeps your car and your wallet safe from accidents!
5.0 out of 5.0, reviewed on Apr 26, 2019
Ernst Oberfell
I feel like I get more service from them because they are focused on me as an existing customer more than just getting new clients.
4.0 out of 5.0, reviewed on May 02, 2019
Tanya Tate
but if you want a company that just does it right the way they should in the first place Id recommend AAA for you. They’re good.
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